WordPress 3.5: Released, Tested, Approved

Today WordPress has been updated to version 3.5 and brings along a ton of new features for developers and users alike. The platform is said to be more user-friendly and the media uploading experience has been totally reworked.

While the new Dashboard interface does not initially appear to be all that different, there are subtle design tweaks and a more minimalistic feel than WordPress 3.4. Buttons are cleaner, the editor toolbar is rearranged and redesigned and (finally!) the image icons and old ‘Upload/Insert’ button has been replaced by a new ‘Add Media’ button.

about-mediaClicking the new ‘Add Media’ button opens a new, much larger Insert Media window than before. The ability to drag and drop files anywhere onto the screen is great and seeing large thumbnails¬†(instead of a list with tiny thumbs) in the Media Library tab is a fantastic update. The other thing I noticed is that files seem to upload faster and, with larger files especially, it is truly awesome to be able to add Titles, Captions, Alt Text and a Description while the file is uploading!

The new WordPress Gallery functionality simply rocks. Seeing the large thumbnails makes it very easy to select which images you want to include in a gallery and the ability to add any of your images to a gallery is awesome. Select the images you would like to show, click ‘Create Gallery, reorder images as you see fit and click ‘Insert Gallery’ is all it takes to insert it into a page or post.

Some of the other improvements in WordPress 3.5 include a ‘Retina Ready’ Dashboard (for anyone with high-resolution screens), a better color picker and better accessibility for touch and mouseless devices.

All in all, I’m a huge fan of WordPress 3.5! Let me know what YOU think!


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